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Families Welcome

New patients and referrals are always welcome

To all of our
Cedar Valley Dental Centre patients,


Our commitment to your safety and your healthcare.


Plexiglass barriers and a new coat of paint are only a few of the changes you will notice:


Our waiting area is emptied and we ask that you contact us when you arrive in your car and wait to be welcomed into the office. If we can text you that would be great.

Due to physical distancing guidelines, fewer patients will be seen, with longer appointment slots to keep everyone safe. We will keep you from having unnecessary contact with anyone other then your healthcare provider.

Please let us know if you are newly immunocompromised, or at high risk for COVID-19.

At your appointment we will confirm you are still feeling well before commencing treatment.

We will try to be flexible in booking appointments making sure needed treatment is prioritized.

Please bring and wear a mask to the office if you have one.

Please bring only yourself to your appointment. If you need to have someone accompany you please notify us so we can plan not to exceed safe numbers of people in the office.

We ask that you try and brush your teeth before coming to the office.

When in the office please try to avoid touching unnecessary items.

We will provide all the services you expect, but some services may be phased in over the next few weeks.

For most patients we anticipate your actual clinical care may not seem very different.

We have installed a new clean air HEPA ventilation system to create high volume air movement and a negative pressure environment if needed.

We will be providing more care virtually. This may result in you seeing fewer providers in the office but know that your care will not be compromised. If you've missed out on ZOOM meetings, this will be your chance to have a one on one with us!

Hopefully our “new normal” will continue to improve, but if not we will do whatever is necessary to keep everyone safe.


Thank you for taking the time to review this document and know that we are working to get everyone’s treatment started again.

We ask that if you have a question or concern:

Please call us and let us know. We will try to reach out to everyone but may need a reminder.

Please know that we have many urgent procedures we need to address so please be patient and flexible when rescheduling your appointment.


Please make sure we have a current mobile phone # and working email address so we may reach you more efficiently.


We will be more active on social media and our website, so please keep up with us on social media.





Led by Dr. Michael N. Rockwell, Cedar Valley Dental Centre is a general and cosmetic dentistry office located in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Beyond our family dental services, we also offer age-defying injectable wrinkle treatments , teeth whitening , and TMJ treatments.


From routine dental cleanings to the most complex full-mouth cosmetic reconstructions and facial rejuvenation procedures, we’re here to make you smile! We are proud to be Nanaimo’s first E4D-trained and equipped dental office, giving us the opportunity to offer same-day esthetic crowns, onlays, and veneers.


New Patients Welcome

New patients are always welcome at Cedar Valley Dental Centre — get directions to our location in Nanaimo!


Rejuvenate Your Smile

Our team has trained extensively at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) , where we have perfected the latest techniques to get you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic Services
Please contact us about our anti-wrinkle treatments.

Botox Cosmetic



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enhance your smile


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Reas about our service for Nanaimo families


Cedar Valley Dental Centre

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